2020 Realizer Awards

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What was the business problem(s) that your organization / project was facing, and why did you choose a digital adoption strategy to help you solve it?

How does a company integrate an acquired solution, introduce new customers to the portfolio of applications, and help its customers work smarter? How does a company transform its training and documentation teams in the process? Managing over $40 billion in technology expenses and 10 million technology devices, Tangoe is the global Enterprise Technology Management standard for America’s greatest brands. In 2018, Tangoe acquired MOBI, its top competitor in the Managed Mobility Services (MMS) market. With the best-of-breed MOBI MMS solution now under the Tangoe umbrella, the new product strategy called to integrate MOBI with Tangoe. That strategy meant migrating hundreds of Tangoe enterprise customers and millions of global users from 20 other applications to a single telecom, mobile, and cloud platform. The solution presented many challenges:

• The integrated product would require a rapid change to create a consistent user experience and UI design system across the platform.

• Customer site contacts would need to learn new functionality and work with their Tangoe transition managers to adapt their business processes to their new platform.

• Millions of end-users would need to use an entirely new user interface to complete tasks conveniently without any training. Accomplishing a massive technology migration could not be done with people alone, but would require a creative self-service technology solution as a multiplier for people.

How did you use WalkMe among other strategies to address your challenges?

The training and documentation team at Tangoe seized the opportunity to integrate multiple applications into one and improve the customer experience along the way by:

• Connecting a variety of modalities, technologies, and content resources for digital adoption; eLearning courses in learning management systems, online help documentation, chatbots, and live training.

• Creating experiences for users that are well-thought-out in every step of their journey.

• Improving the user experience with self-service guidance. Tangoe selected WalkMe for its digital adoption platform and assembled a team to implement. Tim Borek, Instructional Designer joining from MOBI, brought four years of WalkMe experience to Tangoe. Beth Turano, CPLP, is the Sr. Instructional Designer with 15 years of experience in telecom training who led the Smart Walk-Thrus for the telecom aspects of the platform. Using WalkMe, the team designed onboarding and learning experiences by creating over 50 snackable lessons within the application. Those Smart Walk-Thrus connected users to previously built resources to seamlessly utilize and integrate them within the platform. For example, Tangoe wants to immediately help users versus directing them to search through a documentation library to find an answer. To do this, Tangoe employed an A.I chatbot that understands user queries using natural language. The chatbot directs users to applicable Smart Walk-Thrus segmented by the role.

How does your digital adoption strategy, especially in regards to WalkMe, impact or benefit your end-users?

WalkMe serves over 100,000 Tangoe users in any given month, with 70% of all users interacting and achieving upwards of 50% success rates. Smart Walk-Thrus simplify the user experience and save customers time without calling our Help Desk by:

• Enabling our customers to learn by doing, so they quickly and independently increase their mastery of our software.

• Connecting them to available resources. For example, when end-users log into the Mobile application, a smart walk-thru reminds end users where to locate our Help Center, which contains the integrated WalkMe widget in addition to other resources like live chat.

• Increasing relevancy when searching for a walk-thru by keyword.

• Helping longtime users conform to best practices and delight them by reintroducing features not previously adopted. Nowadays, not a week will go by without a customer telling Tangoe, “I never knew I could do that!”

How does your digital adoption strategy, especially in regards to WalkMe, impact or benefit your team?

WalkMe saves Tangoe time and expense. Tangoe now quickly works around UI complexity and constraints. Tangoe can now deploy new content instantly without relying on a developer or waiting for a release. Because users now have help right where they need it, Tangoe saves expense and does not rely on instructor-led training during onboarding. By connecting to on-demand training courses via WalkMe, customers now have a path to mastery without relying on individualized training from our service teams as they did before. Technical writers learning to develop WalkMe content gain new skills as they evolve from creating dry static documentation to engaging, interactive rich media. WalkMe also saves them time and effort with an opportunity to reintroduce previously worked content to customers that were once hard to find. Finally, WalkMe provides new and creative ways to connect our various, previously siloed media, such as screenshot tutorials and training videos, for the benefit of the customer.

How has your digital adoption strategy, especially in regards to WalkMe, helped your organization better achieve its mission goals / values?

The Tangoe purpose is to help millions of people work smarter every day, and our mission is to help our customers grow their bottom line. We do this by living our values of Integrity, Excellence, Selflessness, and Courage. The Tangoe digital adoption strategy, with WalkMe as its centerpiece, advanced remarkably in 2019 from a customer experience standpoint. Most notably:

• Onboarding and migrating hundreds of customers and millions of users to the new Tangoe platform.

• Retaining the most valuable publicly-traded company as a customer in a multi-year deal, with WalkMe being cited by the customer as a significant reason.

• Training Tangoe employees on the new Tangoe Platform, increasing overall company NPS by 40 points in 2019 alone.

• Attracting new logo sales wins with the Tangoe digital adoption experience being a significant differentiator over the competition.

How has the success of your digital adoption strategy helped to change the perceptions or attitudes of your stakeholders?

WalkMe and our digital adoption strategy raised the profile of our instructional design/digital adoption team. Their results have drawn the attention and praise of executive leadership and have earned them a seat at the table in the release planning process with their colleagues in Product Management. Before the strategy and WalkMe, the team was contained mostly to technical writing work as a final step in release readiness; well after the features were built. But now, they are brought into the feature and release planning processes much earlier in the cycle than before. With its powerful capabilities and analytics, WalkMe has helped the team transform by adding digital adoption advisory to their delivery functions. This new level of collaboration with our instructional designers and digital adoption specialists gives our Product Managers greater confidence that their features will reach adoption goals.

More about Tangoe

Tangoe is the global Enterprise Technology Management standard for America’s greatest brands. Tangoe manages $40 billion in technology expenses and 10 million technology devices across the globe. Nearly half the Fortune 500 trust Tangoe to work smarter, save money, and be confident in their decisions. The Tangoe Platform is a complete solution for Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Managed Mobility Services (MMS), and Cloud Expense Management (CEM).