2020 Realizer Awards

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What was the business problem(s) that your organization / project was facing, and why did you choose a digital adoption strategy to help you solve it?

CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC has nearly doubled in size every year since it was founded in 2003. The company has invested in many top-tier platforms to help sales members deliver a better customer experience. However, with over 3,000 employees nationally disbursed & growing daily, the onboarding & training efforts became too difficult to scale. Additionally, most of the training staff were just platform support members without formal training experience that had much bigger tasks to focus their technical expertise on. Eventually, training at CrossCountry mortgage, LLC became an unreliable source to promote user adoption of key platforms like Salesforce, Concur, & Tableau. CrossCountry needed to unify its training processes across platforms & deliver the same high-quality training to users regardless of their location or which staff member was presenting. The company looked for providers of LMS systems, collaboration platforms, & other digital products that could train users where & when they needed training without having a technical support staff member turn away from their development efforts to train users. Ultimately, the company decided that their long-term solution was to adopt a digital adoption platform that could span across platforms, deliver content to specific users in specific places where & when it is needed, as well as deliver important announcements, such as outages & newly features, & automate processes to enhance the employee experience every day.

How did you use WalkMe among other strategies to address your challenges?

WalkMe has been a key driver in our digital transformation journey. Since October 2019, we have released this platform across 8 different enterprise applications, including our Salesforce & our intranet to deliver information faster & more effectively. Over 160 WalkMe Items have been published to users. Solutions have been used for a wide variety of use cases, ranging from training & onboarding new employees, to automating support ticket updates & using action bots to log cases for the employees. Our content has received over 60,000 interactions from over 3000 employees, resulting in an estimated time savings of 1,400 hours in the last 4 months. It has helped keep our employees engaged & delivers a common message to all targeted users. WalkMe content is showing users what is available and how to use it through shout outs and smart walk-thrus. Our investment in technology is beginning to see a return as users are using the platforms as intended. Our corporate staff can now focus on what they specialize in because onboarding tasks have been used in place of weekly training. Salesforce administrators have seen over an 80% drop in training requests within 2 months of WalkMe’s release. The training calls have been reduced from 90 minutes each week for the same training, to 60 minutes every other week for sharing updates & best practices. Meaning our admins can focus on what they do best, build & administer Salesforce.

How does your digital adoption strategy, especially in regards to WalkMe, impact or benefit your end-users?

WalkMe has been essential in providing a better user experience. It is used across 8 different enterprise applications. It provides a streamlined experience to the information they need through the menu & action bots, as well as uniform training. Prior to WalkMe, users sifted through “fluff” in our intranet search results. They had to fast forward through hours of outdated training aids to find a specific segment. They needed to become experts of platform navigation before they could become effective. That all has changed with WalkMe. WalkMe has given users specific resources & shuttles through the menu & search, removing the “fluff”. Leveraging Google, Salesforce & WalkMe Insights, I can find the items users search for & provide them in WalkMe. To combat outdated training aids, I partner with platform owners to create onboarding tasks & SWTs to provide concise training for users. Finally, we have leverage auto steps to get users where they need to be & automate processes.

How does your digital adoption strategy, especially in regards to WalkMe, impact or benefit your team?

Our team has seen a drastic benefit from the timesaving involved with less training calls, fewer support cases for general questions, & automation of resolution responses using permalinks to walk a user through processes. For instance, Salesforce Training request cases have dropped 88% since the release of WalkMe, general question cases dropped 24% & over a dozen permalinks have been implemented into quick-text responses that have been shared to users with a common case submission. The Weekly, 90-minute training calls for Salesforce have dropped to 1 hour calls bi-weekly to discuss best practices & productivity tips. Finally, it has allowed the platform teams to focus on growth initiatives & process improvements, instead of training users. Which is what they were originally hired on to do here at CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC.

How has your digital adoption strategy, especially in regards to WalkMe, helped your organization better achieve its mission goals / values?

Our goal to provide a uniform training and onboarding experience to every employee across technologies could not be down without WalkMe. This tool has truly been transformational in how the company approaches the employee experience in more ways that training and onboarding. It delivers clear and concise messages to users when and where they need it. Platforms are being utilized as intended, training is paced by the user’s capacity, and messages are hitting their mark with higher open rates than ever seen via email.

How has the success of your digital adoption strategy helped to change the perceptions or attitudes of your stakeholders?

Our stakeholders’ perception of IT has improved into a much better partnership. We are seen as working with each other, instead of for each other because of the benefits seen when implementing a new technology or enhancing a business process using WalkMe. The data provided by WalkMe Insights alone has given me a more frequent seat at the table when planning and discussing new initiatives because it helps owners understand user behavior. My schedule as Digital Adoption Leader has never been so full because of all the meetings to discuss new ideas or products and how we can leverage WalkMe to drive adoption and track engagements.

More about CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC

CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC is headquartered in Brecksville, Ohio & branch offices across the country. We are licensed in all 50 states & have earned a number of accolades along the way: Top 10 Best Lender, ConsumersAdvocate.org: 2019 Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies: 6 times since 2012 Sales & Growth, Weatherhead Centurion: 2018-2019 Top Workplace, Weatherhead: 2016-2019 Top Company Culture, Entrepreneur magazine: 2018 Best Workplace, NorthCoast 99: 2016-2018