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Realize is WalkMe’s highly anticipated digital adoption conference. At this exclusive two day event, hear from and be inspired by industry leaders, gain best practices, and engage with like-minded professionals to help you take digital transformation to the next level.


Editor's Note

This year at Realize, we are devoting a significant portion of our event to the industry leaders pushing technology forward. For this reason, I wanted to dedicate our second Realizer Magazine to the analysts who are leading the digital adoption space.

With only a month to go until WalkMe Realize, now is the time to start thinking about how you, the visionary digital leader of your organization, are realizing the promise of your technology.

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-Rafael Sweary
Co-Founder and President of WalkMe

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Bridging the Gap Between Humans and Technology

Digital is not only changing how we work, but how we experience work.

As investments in digital transformation rise, employees are expected to continually add new tools to their workflow. New apps and systems promise to raise productivity, increase innovation, and enhance competitiveness. But in reality, poor usability into software is a persistent problem, and it usually leads to the opposite outcomes.

Slower outputs are only one consequence. In the digital workplace, the employee experience is more vulnerable than ever.

Widespread employee frustration with enterprise technology has far-reaching consequences, from stress to disengagement to turnover.

The question is, in the evolving digital workplace, how do you preserve a “human” employee experience?

The Broken Promise of Digital Transformation

Competing in the digital age requires advanced digital capabilities both internally and within the business model.
Organizations across nearly all industries are racing to keep up. You may be enthusiastic about technology’s potential to increase key business performance metrics, such as productivity, cost reduction, and revenue. But employees seldom share this excitement.

Why? Because being “in the trenches” of work can mean shuffling between upwards of a dozen platforms throughout the day, and it’s not easy.

Realizer Fact:

According to Gartner, only 14% of CIOs report sustained performance improvements from digital transformation.

By understanding how employees interact with their digital systems, businesses can build a better framework for enabling transformation. Not only do the current methods of driving digital transformation strain the employee experience, but poor employee experience, in turn, hurts transformational efforts. This vicious circle can eat away at an organization.

The Analyst Take

Daniel Newman, Principal Analyst and Founding Partner of Futurum Research, wrote on Forbes that organizations, especially those that feel that they are lagging behind in digital transformation, must make adoption a part of their business strategy if they expect to see strong outcomes in their digital transformation efforts. No matter what technology the business implements for their employees, even the best technology can’t perform if their team won’t use it.


Creating Better Experiences through Automation

Digital infrastructure should not be a barrier between employees and their work, and with the new frontier of technological possibilities in front of us, we are offered a chance to rethink how employees use technology. What organizations need to find is a leader to drive the digital employee experience and utilize new tools, like automation, to re-shape the employee-technology dynamic.

The subject of automation in the workforce has been highly debated, especially in terms of whether the likes of AI, automation and RPA technology will claim or create more jobs. While the jury is still out on a definitive answer, experts agree that the way we work is going to drastically change. According to Forester, 66% of those already using RPA technology say it has enabled more human interactions, and 60% said it helps employees focus on more meaningful, strategic tasks. We exist in a delicate dance where employees stand to benefit massively from these shifts, but poorly managed implementations can exacerbate existing fears, hurting rather than helping the digital employee experience. Automation has the power to create an era of meaningful roles for employees at all tiers of the organization, but only if it will be executed by a transformational CIO with a digital employee-centered approach.

A big segment of enterprise automation is in the form of unattended back-end bots. These run in the background without interacting with human employees. They are largely geared at boosting efficiency and saving time overall. Unattended automation is a step in the right direction, but driving engagement and creating meaningful work for employees needs to be more personal. Attended automation requires interaction between technology and the employee. A cue is given by the employee, and the machine takes over the monotonous parts of the tasks. This can look like HR approving stacks of requests with one click rather than hours of form filling. It can also look like a call center agent who is able to access and transfer customer data in real-time from one platform to another.

Realizer Tip:

Don’t miss out hearing Kate Leggett, VP Principal Analyst from Forrester, speak on the power of automation at WalkMe Realize!

In both cases, employees are able to focus more on high-value tasks and human interaction, but that is not all. When the tasks are automated, employees do not need to retain as much platform-related knowledge. The systems themselves do the bulk of the work, relieving the employee both from monotonous tasks and from the larger responsibility of being an IT-approved user. The key is focusing on task-based automation rather than tool-based automation.

Employees do not care what tool gets the job done, they just want to know the job is done. As employers free up time, energy and creative capacity for employees, more time can be focused on hiring talent with the proper qualities, skills and expertise.


What is a Compelling Customer Experience?

Utilizing analytics to understand digital journey and experience is a no-brainer. For a website, visibility based on analytics provides you with a caricature of the user: how he is interacting with the website, how long he is staying, where he is clicking. This vital information is the basis of strategic decisions that have a real impact on the bottom line of businesses.

The importance of analytics for understanding the customer’s digital journey has been underscored enough times to be considered common knowledge. Businesses, in turn, have pushed this objective in their transformational efforts, because they know there is a direct relation to revenue. Businesses work on reimaging digital offerings that are smooth and frictionless for their consumers, and customers should never feel a wave of anxiety and frustration when they face a digital interface; it’s bad for business!

During the Realize breakout sessions, hear from industry experts on various topics including customer onboarding, scaling customer service through employee experience, and others!

Realizer Tip

Don’t miss out on hearing Wes Bush, the best selling author of Product-led Growth, speak on the Bowling Alley Framework at Realize!

Meet the Experts

Ofir Bloch
Director, Market Research & Analyst Relations

Ofir Bloch, Director of Market Research & Analyst Relations, joined WalkMe over two years ago to head up WalkMe’s Analyst Relations department. As a part of his position, Ofir was instrumental in creating the Digital Adoption Solutions category.

“It’s a busy time for industry analysts. Changes are happening faster than ever before, and technology disruptions are hitting the workplace like tsunami waves, and with it, the Digital Adoption Market is expanding. Keeping track of the emerging trends and insights could be challenging, and that’s why I am eager to meet some of the industry’s best and brightest minds and to hear all about what the future entails for this exciting space at Realize, WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Event.”

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